Country Manor

Country Manor

The Keystone Country Manor Landscape Wall is perfect for both retaining wall and freestanding wall applications, and is one of the most popular wall choices.

The random and rugged texture, blended with color and character, give these Keystone landscape wall block the appearance of natural stone. This wall style uses the latest built-in technology of the Keystone pin connection. Excellent flexibility in both freestanding wall and retaining wall applications.

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Style Size Units/Sq. Ft Units/Pallet Sq. Ft/Pallet Weight/Pallet
Large Unit 10 x 6 x 16 1.5 48 32 2880 lbs
Small Unit 10 x 6 x 6 4 128 32 3200 lbs
Capping Unit 12 x 3 x 12 4 96 24 2880 lbs

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