Our experts say selecting color and shape for outdoor spaces go hand in hand. One must consider a variety of effects such as color, texture, and pattern using both bold and light variations.

R. Patrick Worzer of Land Design Services, Inc. often gets asked about selecting color and shape for a project. Typical questions include:
  • Dark, bold colors vs. light, natural shades?
  • Match the brick / siding / retaining walls or contrast them?
  • Should I stay with one shape / color?
  • When would adding a second shape / color be a good idea?

"If you intend on making a statement about the design, you need to keep in mind the amount of bold colors you want to use," says Worzer. "Using bold colors can work great for accent purposes. Using a variety of colors and shapes can create a lot of effects, but be careful not to get "too busy". Remember - less is more!"

Doug DeLong of DeLong Landscape Architecture notes: "The selection of shape and color of pavers does not have a single answer. The selection will depend on the intended use and the mood that is to be created. Existing materials and colors also have to be considered. An accent color or shape can be used in the design to create a pattern, establish the edge, and define changes in grade, such as steps."