Flooring material in an outdoor space really works like any "room" you create. Be it outdoor or indoor. It is the base plane in which all things start from. You can create a theme all other elements can be incorporated in the "floor" space.

That's the advice from R. Patrick Worzer of Land Design Services, Inc.

Ed Dermody of Woolpert says flooring is important for the same reasons carpet or hardwood floors are important in your dining room. "The color and textures you choose will set the tone for your new outdoor space and provide a low maintenance surface. The color and shape of your patio should enhance your home and provide definition to your patio," says Dermondy.

While Doug DeLong, DeLong Landscape Architecture, says "The ground plan of an outdoor space often is the dominant element and will set the "sense of place", particularly in the absence of walls or other enclosures."