Canyon Stone

Canyon Stone™

The unique shape of the Canyon™ Stone patio system fit together alone or in any combination. This is made possible through the utilization of patented XeriStone® technology.

Ideal for walkways, patios or just as stepping stones this product is available in a 12" and 18" shape. Canyon Stone replicates the lines and textures of cut stone but with greater strength, a uniform thickness, a flat bottom surface, and even joints.

Size Units/Sq. Ft Sq Ft/Pallet Units/Pallet Weight/Pallet
2.008" x 9.202" x 11.996" 1.305 280 214.626 2,800 lbs
2.008" x 11.996" x 18.332" 0.655 140 213.799 2,940 lbs