Euro Wall


Simple. Versatile. Stone Look.

Euro block is small and relatively lightweight. The simple shape of Euro block allows you to easily implement your own designs as you build.

Its tumbled surface mimics the look of cut stone, allowing you to create elegant spaces with old European charm. Simply put, Euro block is the most versatile building block available.

By utilizing three Euro block in a “Square Foot Unit,” you can quickly and easily create a random patterned wall. Simply rotate the pattern as you build. Offset each successive course by a single block or a sandwiched pair, then continue building with Square Foot Units. Be sure to avoid long vertical bond lines. The key is to think of each three piece unit as one block. By treating this unit as one block, you can easily create a random pattern wall with matching corners and piers in no time - with little effort.


Style Size Units/Sq. Ft Units/Pallet Sq. Ft/Pallet Weight/Pallet
Euro 8 x 4 x 12 3 144 48 3600 lbs

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