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Since its introduction in early 1992, the Hercules™ family of precast concrete retaining wall modules has proven itself to be more versatile than even we expected.

No matter how a wall is built, we are confident that Hercules™ retaining wall cross-sections are the thinnest. That means Hercules™ walls are versatile, economical and can be pushed closer to property lines, utilities and mature trees. The open face design of the Hercules wall system provides the opportunity to vegetate a wall for truly unique aesthetics or to minimize the impact of large structures.

Our customers enjoy incredible design flexibility, increased control over their site layouts and low impact walls that conform to increasingly tougher development guidelines. We have always had a passion for the Hercules™ retaining wall system and we sincerely believe you will too.


Hercules EcoWorks Hercules Standard Hercules Mega Hercules Long Mega
Size: 12x6x16 Size: 12x8x19 Size: 18x8x19 Size: 18x8x24
Units/Sq Ft: 1.5 Units/Sq Ft: 0.947 Units/Sq Ft: 0.947 Units/Sq Ft: 0.750
Units/Pallet: 48 Units/Pallet: 36 Units/Pallet: 24 Units/Pallet: 20
Sq Ft/Pallet: 32 Sq Ft/Pallet: 38 Sq Ft/Pallet: 25.33 Sq Ft/Pallet: 26.667
Wt/Pallet: 2970 lbs Wt/Pallet: 3455 lbs Wt/Pallet: 3275 lbs Wt/Pallet: 3300 lbs
Colors: Buff and Gray Colors: Buff and Gray Colors: Buff and Gray Colors: Buff and Gray

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