Back in 1992 we were excited about the emerging retaining wall market and the long-term opportunities in the concrete products market. We founded the company on a single innovative product line of our own invention: The Hercules Modular Block Retaining Wall System

Hercules modules have a solid bottom, two side rails and a face wall that is taller than the side rails. Soil is easily compacted into the module and once other modules are stacked around it, the soil is trapped behind the face. Soil could only leave by being lifted up and out. Properly backfilled, compacted, drained and graded walls present no opportunity for such a force to act on the soil.

Manufactured by or under license from St. Louis Retaining Wall Company, Covered by one or more of the following patents: 5,277,012 D360,475 D340,996 D362,077 D347,285 D372,106 Other patents pending.